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Loot Policy

Currently, United Defense is moving into 25-man content in WotLK. With this opportunity come some added guild processes. The loot that drops in 25-man raids is substantially better than the loot that drops in 10-man content, and each piece that drops will be desired by more raiders due to the raid size increase. The result is that loot will be taken more seriously.

United Defense has never, nor will it ever, view loot as the primary purpose for raiding. Simply put, we raid to enjoy ourselves. At the same time, we recognize that improving one's character through loot is an important means for many of us to enjoy the game.

As a result, United Defense has designed a system that will cater to the loot needs and wants of a greater number of people at any given time than other systems would. We have decided not to implement a math-heavy system such as DKP because of the disadvantages a rule-based system like that has. Instead, the loot system will be much more subjective.


Loot will be distributed by the guild officers who are present at each raid. These individuals will have an intimate knowledge of the loot system’s guidelines. However, we encourage any interested guild member to also read up on the aims of the system.

Every loot decision is a unique situation. Sometimes decisions will be take every guideline into account. At other times, only a few guidelines could be applicable.

The system is subjective. You will not be able to fully determine where an item that drops will go before decisions are made. However, the guidelines should give a rough idea as to what considerations are taken into account.

We accept that in some situations, not all information will be available to the officers who are delegating loot. This can, at times, result in a decision that (though judgmentally sound) lacked crucial information which would have changed the outcome. We place the responsibility for conveying that information on the guild members. If you have had a personal struggle attempting to get one item, don’t expect that officers will be aware of this. Please send me a tell to be sure that we are aware of the issue.

Above all, it is important that a raid’s focus is not placed on loot. Raids are not a drudgery to get loot. Raids are about having fun, and loot is only one, minor way to achieve this.

The considerations that the officers will take into account when delegating loot are listed below. These are not set in stone. They are essentially guidelines that aim to accomplish the objectives of the system. Every guideline will not always come into play, but there are situations where each is applicable. The list is not in any specific order.


--- Effort will be rewarded ---

If your goal is to receive leet new epics, come to every raid prepared and conduct yourself respectfully throughout the raid.

Raid preparedness can be achieved through many different ways. Bringing flasks, food and other consumables to raid is one method of preparation. Gearing up is another way to prepare for a raid, be it through heroics or BoE items or socketing and enchanting your gear. Additionally, mental preparation is important, knowledge of your class and boss encounters will be considered.
Raid performance, including damage or healing output and ability to handle assigned raid duties may also be considered.

--- Personal issues will be considered ---

It is very important that anyone who has a personal issue that in any way relates to loot conveys this issue to an officer. We will make the best decisions possible given the information at hand, so please don't be shy in sharing your own personal loot story.

If a guild member has been running a heroic once daily for two straight weeks trying to get an item and has not yet seen it, this person may be given priority on a similar item.

--- Loot will be awarded in an effort to achieve maximum utility ---

Progression is important, this means that upgrades take priority over side-grades, class is crucial, main spec and members will take priority over off-spec and alts, and Need>Greed>Looks>DE.

A crucial component of this guideline is, simply stated, “know your class.” It’s important that when a person expresses desire for an item that the item is a reasonably good upgrade for that person (compared to how good it is for others).

In some cases raids test the gear of various classes / raid roles more than it tests the gear of others. As a result, gearing up some individuals may occasionally take priority over gearing up others.

Simply stated, main-set receives priority over off-set. Respeccing for a single raid is appreciated but will not change which set is your main (if you want to change your main role in the guild, please talk to an officer).

Further, a good alt will be treated more like a main than an alt without similar preparation.

--- Guests will be treated well ---

Guests will be treated with respect in any United Defense raid. It is important to recognize these individuals and to thank them for helping our raid happen. However, we know that it is our members who make the guild.

--- The guidelines are only guidelines ---

This document is intended to explain our general priorities rather than inscribe rules into stone. Essentially speaking, we'll try to do the right thing, consistent with the culture of the guild.

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