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Our New Digs
07/28/2008 08:11 PM by Conjeneratur.

Velkomen zee website 2.0!

What's up?
We're going to be making ourselves at home here with guildomatic for now. They offer some very nice out-of-the-box services that are simple and easy to use. Luckily for us "simple" and "easy to use" are exactly what we're looking for right now!

Good question. Well, our old service was a bare-bones Linux install. All features had to be set up manually or created from scratch. While this allows for extreme control over every minute detail of the website, it also means that attempting to accomplish a simple task can be anything but simple. This may be the route we want to take at a later date, but for now, it's just way more than we need.

Hmm, I see... so what does this mean to me?
Terrible question; you should feel ashamed of yourself. But I'll answer it anyway. It means that you need to signup... AGAIN! Yay! When you do signup here, please use the exact name of your main character in UD for maximum win. You can do this by clicking register. This will allow us to do some rather cool things.

The ability to have item tooltips that link to wowhead is just one example of the cool features our new home has to offer.
Check it out: Obsidian Edged Blade

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, rants, raves, or any other manner of thing to be said concerning the website, please feel free to have a chat with me at any time.

Your incoherent web-officer,


None yet.

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