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Where is Everybody?
05/07/2012 09:09 PM by Resjudicator.

Hello there Internet!

Y'all may have logged in and seen that things are very, very quiet around these parts. We're not out there hunting the poor rabbits of Azeroth, no, unfortunately we're not out there very often at all.

You'll still hear the occasional Wimper. And Quessir, and SVX. Doing their PVP thing. And Camaron's still trying to get more achievements than Alphalaxer. And the Canadians may be trying to console themselves after that embarrassing first round exit of their favorite hockey puck thingy team. But most of us have departed this world of raid finder pick up groups. Deathwing can have the place.

Some of us are playing Borderlands, Aion, League of Legends, SW-Tor, and anxiously awaiting Diablo III. And many of us seem to meet-up on the Vent server - you'll honestly find more people there than in-game most nights.

Inevitably some will be back on board to play a panda, for others, the game has lost its luster, and the bloom may be forever off this rose.

Either way, Quessir's currently holding down the GM fort, so hit him up if you need something, something...


- Resj


None yet.

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