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The Fast and the Furious
10/04/2011 01:26 PM by Resjudicator.

Ragnaros, we're coming for you!

In typical UD fashion we seemed to have picked the most difficult fights to perfect first. We got Shannox and Beth'tilec pre nerf - after a pretty meager amount of solid attempts on each. Since then, like it was predicted, the bosses have been dropping like flies.


Walking a mile in Rhyolith's shoes was a walk in the park. Three shot


All we needed for Alysrazor was a little practice tornado dancing. Five shot.


Fly you fools! Right on past Baleroc who provided no problems what-so-ever. Three shot, and the second attempt produced a 31k hp wipe.


Majordomo Staghelm - Majordeado. Three shot.

Ragnaros - your time is soon

-Ben / Resj


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