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Stop at the Door!
09/17/2011 12:33 AM by Rahnir.

And take those mucky boots off! I don’t want you tracking spider guts into the house!

It took hours. It took days. It took blood, sweat and rage. It took getting overrun by tiny little bugs. And it took falling down from webs when we stepped in the bad stuff. But, in the end, we made a boss dead. Be proud United Defense. We are now officially exterminators of the arachnid variety. Tales will be told of this day for ages to come. When you’re regaling your grandchildren with stories from the good old days of sitting in front of your computer on a video game with your internet friends, you will tell them that you killed the biggest spider you had ever seen. And it was on fire. And you did all walking uphill. In the snow. Wearing your oldest, dingiest sweatpants. AND YEH DERN RITE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

Take in the glory.

Next up...a big rock dude. Which should be weak against my Vaporeon.



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