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Ready to Rumble!
09/05/2011 10:42 AM by Resjudicator.

Shannox is dead, many, many more to follow

After several >5% wipes, we finally downed our first boss in Firelands. " Just our first boss?" you say, "after all this time?" Valid question - but remember this was only our third real trip into Firelands together as a group, and only our second night of solid attempts on Shannox. Our first night of attempts saw several >5% wipes as well, primarily due to the fact that neither night were we able to bring a heroism. On our kill, an epic one last man standing nail-biter, we survived five magma ruptures - you're really not supposed to be able to do that.

Additionally, and more importantly, I thoroughly believe that this kill is a harbinger of great things to come. Recently United Defense has been bolstered by the return of some old friends like Servet and Vahlanos (and some silly warlock who just hit 85!) as well as seen some solid new additions arrive like Cupquake. We've spent the time necessary farming old content to get geared up, we've been running Firelands dailies like mad, we've been crafting the new epic gear, we've been farming our valor and justice points. We also have a stable roster that provides Miracleblade with some options, multiple heals, tanks and dps. In short, we are ready.

As such, we intend to make both Monday and Wednesday night raid nights = Firelands raid nights. We've seen enough of BWD, BOT, and To4W. We'll go back there and romp through from time to time to gear up folks who need it, but our progression focus is now solidly fixed on the elemental plane of fire. As such, it's time to educate yourselves. Look to these message boards this week for thorough boss strategies and tactics. Fill out those empty slots and be sure you've done everything you can to maximize your dps/hps. Free up your commitments for Monday and Wednesday night. It's on.

Ragnaros, here we come.

-Ben / Resj


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