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By Fire Be Purged!
06/28/2011 12:04 PM by Resjudicator.
The Rage of the Firelands is upon us:

We must enter the elemental plain to defeat Ragnaros yet again. But don't you fear fellow guild members - remember we've been there, done that, have the t-shirt and another excuse to post the youtube clip:

The past several months have been a tremendous period of change for United Defense.
We have successfully transitioned leadership, not only of the GM, but also with our Raid Program. Supershock has gracefully accepted the yoke that is leadership of our raiding exploits, and despite lagging interest in raids, busy schedules and variable attendance, through his leadership we have been able to progress. Many thanks to those who have been showing up and demonstrating the commitment that is necessary to help us achieve our goals. Moving forward into 4.2 we plan to step-up our raid program another notch. In order to progress even further and to achieve the goal of downing Ragnaros -- we need a renewed commitment. We need to maintain two dedicated raid nights (Wednesday and Monday) as we must strive to achieve more balanced and consistent raid attendance. Supershock will be working on providing clear incentives engineered to meet these goals and Rahnir and the recruitment program will be tasked with finding adequate reinforcements when necessary.

Additionally, 4.1 saw United Defense's first foray into the world of Rated BGs. Thanks to PvP Executive Quessir and the leadership of Riley and Wimper, we were able to make our Thursday Rated BG nights a success. Moving forward into 4.2 we plan on hitting the ground running. Those interested must be prepared to farm honor and do the requisite amount arenas to get the gear. We have a legion of crafters ready to assemble the baseline starter sets, but those are not sufficient for Rateds - we need purples! Again, Rahnir is going to be tasked with looking for recruits to fill out our PvP ranks as well.

So, as 4.2 hits us - United Defense is in a pretty strong position. We have a large roster of friends enjoying the game for the camaraderie it brings. We are about to ding Guild Level 25 and soon will have the full allotment of available perks. Our guild finances are solid and will easily support the repairs of 2 raid nights and 1 battleground night. The ranks of leadership are full with people willing to step up and help newer members get trained and geared. We are going to hit the ground running in 4.2..... Ragnaros beware the rampaging Furbolg army...

- Ben.


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